Get the BEST Start a Coach can have

Set yourself up for the best possible start when Beachbody Launches in the UK this Autumn.

Hi, I'm Melissa McAllister and I've helped so many people improve their health , but moreover I've helped people build million dollar businesses. I am the Fitness Professional, Master Trainer, and the Coach who has been Top 10 and Elite more than any other. So when we launch in the UK - if you're reaching for the SKY - you want to be on my team.

I know the importance of getting your business started strong, and even though we're a couple of months from the launch, you can start now, and hit the ground running. 

For those who pre-commit to working with me when we launch in Autumn, I've worked with the guy who handles my marketing, to offer you an exclusive 8 week training course. Working with Steve usually costs $1,000's of dollars, because he truly understands how to find your target market, and move them from interest to working with you.

You'll learn

  • How to work out who your customers are
  • What value to deliver them and keep them interested
  • How to create a funnel of potential clients, and business partners
  • How to build your own website, landing page and email series
  • How to advertise on Facebook
  • Other income streams to incorporate in to your business

Don't Exercise To Lose Weight