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Pilates Meets Yoga and PiYo is its Name

melissa mcallister

Today’s post is for those of you who do not enjoy (or cannot do) the high impact exercises of some of the other programs I’ve mentioned. Maybe it’s because impact exacerbates an old injury or you don’t like working with weights, but you still want to keep an exercise regime, right? Fortunately, there is a […]

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PiYo Reviews – A Quick Refresher

PiYo is an excellent choice for exercise, especially if you’re going to get lean and muscular without bulking up. I like to do a quick refresher of the program as well as a few PiYo reviews from other people that are finding success with the program. PiYo Compliments Yoga Yoga is a multi-faceted and very […]

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PiYo Schedule – What to Expect

I’ve talked about why PiYo is an excellent choice for an exercise program, but I want to go over with you is what to expect daily following the PiYo schedule. PiYo Schedule Overview The calendar is a full week schedule, with six days of exercise and one rest day. As with any program, you can […]

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