3 Things to Consider Implementing in 2024 with Melissa McAllister [EP 98]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa shares three important thoughts for the upcoming year when it comes to the foods we consume. She also talks about how to enhance health markers, emphasizing the need to create a healthy environment for oneself, and strategies to resist temptations and to make exercise more enjoyable.

Key Points From This Episode:

0:00 Importance of Fat

The fear of fat in the competitive world can negatively impact our health and hormones. There’s a common misconception about fat and its relation to body weight. Melissa clarifies the difference between dietary fat and body fat, highlighting the crucial role of essential fats for brain and hormone health. She emphasizes the importance of including healthy fats in our diet.

4:30 Meals and Movement 

Mindful eating is important. It’s essential to be fully present and savor each bite during mealtime, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on our relationship with food. Melissa shares techniques for practicing mindful eating, and the Ayurvedic practice of taking a post-meal walk. Melissa provides insights into how this practice can be incorporated into our daily routine and the potential benefits.

11:20 Environment

Melissa addresses the impact of environment on dietary changes. She stresses the importance of evaluating and changing our surroundings to support healthy eating habits. Melissa also addresses parents, discussing the challenges of managing after-school snacks and controlling portion sizes for both kids and adults, including the importance of finding balance and setting a positive example. 

18:30 Making it Enjoyable

Consider changing your exercise environment to make it more enjoyable. Incorporate new habits while letting go of old ones to create a positive and supportive environment for healthy habits to thrive. Melissa shares strategies for making exercise more enjoyable and sustainable.

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