Nourishing Our Interconnected System with Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama: Nourishing Our Interconnected System [EP 75]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa hosts Andrea Nakayama, a functional Medicine nutritionist and educator, who helps people from all over reclaim ownership of both their own and their clients’ health by understanding the science behind connections within the body. Melissa and Andrea discuss all things food and how to set up personalized plans to be on a path to better overall wellness.

Key Points From This Episode:       

07:33 Using Food for Wellness
10:34 Choosing Natural Alternatives
15:20 Breaking Down Internal Functions
30:58 The Science Behind Food
42:56 Connections in the Body

Using Food for Wellness                

Andrea started diving into nutrition as a way to combat and offset illness and disease when her late husband was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. She started researching what food options would be the best support for people battling illness, which expanded into a bigger focus of overall health, including the best options for pregnancy since she was pregnant at the time of his diagnosis.      

Choosing Natural Alternatives                 

There are natural alternatives to explore when it comes to foods. It’s about supporting the entire terrain of the body and giving it the best options to combat illness and disease. Things that are chemically derived are going to have the opposite effects on healing and wellness. Chemically processed additives are going to cause issues within the digestive tract.     

Breaking Down Internal Functions           

When it comes to the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders, it’s not a cut and dry situation. Many people are on a constant search to find the best solutions for chronic illness. Genes, digestion, and inflammation are the core items to look at, and from there it branches into the roots of those core areas. Digestion is incredibly important, since it’s where nutrients are being processed and where hormones are produced. 

The Science Behind Food           

Wellness comes from an inclusion and exclusion of different kinds of foods. It’s also going to be based on individual needs. There are always going to be foods that react differently based on the individual person. Certain foods that cause issues, like inflammation, will be amplified in people who have compromised systems. It’s about weighing the risk and reward situation.   

Connections in the Body            

Everything is all connected within the body, and we are all unique. It’s good to break down Scientific facts into sections to understand what’s happening within the connections in the body and what individual results are occurring. When it comes to food, fats, fiber and protein are the biggest areas to concentrate on to ensure you’re fueling your body with the best kind of energy. Start your journey by finding an approach that feels best for you.    

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