Before and After Workout Meals with Melissa McAllister [EP 91]

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On this week’s episode, Melissa brings up a few popular questions about food and fitness. She discusses pre and post workout meals, as well as the frequency of meals in a day. Like many things in fitness, there’s not a one-size-fits all answer to these questions, but Melissa gives input for you to be able to make informed decisions to suit your personal needs.

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02:28 Pre Workout Meals
07:50 Post Workout Meals
12:04 Number of Meals

Pre Workout Meals                

Should you eat before or after your workout? It’s a question that gets brought up a lot. Some people feel better working out on an empty stomach, and some people feel sick if they don’t have something in their system beforehand. So the answer is that it’s personal preference. The best thing to do is try both ways before you fully stick to how you do things, but overall, what matters is that you workout and eat well. Melissa lists results from a study on fasted vs fed workouts for informational purposes (linked below).              

Post Workout Meals                   

If you work out in a fasted state, it’s good to fuel your body post-workout to a degree that you feel works for you. There can be a lot of misinformation about having to eat immediately after a workout, particularly within a 45 minute window. It would have to take a very dedicated athlete to have to stick to that rule. For the majority of people, you don’t have to be so strict with your time. Eat when you feel ready after your workout. 

Number of Meals            

There’s a lot of talk on if you should have three or six meals a day. Melissa references one study that concludes that you will not burn more fat if you eat three meals a day or six meals a day. One thing that can happen with eating six meals a day is feeling hungry more frequently, which can lead to unbalanced portion control. It’s good to try eating three meals a day before determining that six is better. On the flip side, some people can feel full fast, which makes them better suited to six meals a day.   

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