Kelly LeVeque: Sustainable Choices and Balancing Blood Sugar [EP 18]

Show Notes:

Description: In this episode, Melissa interviews holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, celebrity health coach, and best-selling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day, Kelly LeVeque. She created Be Well by Kelly out of her love for health, science and overall wellness. Kelly shares her knowledge on how to implement sustainable habits for a healthy and balanced life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The Journal and the Book
08:56 Kelly’s Morning Routine
23:17 Helping Kids Get in the Good Stuff
28:05 Blood Sugar Levels
42:10 The Fab Four
47:45 Small Changes Big Benefits

The Journal and The Book

Kelly believes that education about balancing blood sugar can change lives. She talks about her journey from working in sick care to focusing on health, as well as fad diets vs. sustainable choices. Her book Body Love teaches the science of how pairing food groups and eating whole foods can support blood sugar balance. The journal supports the actions of actually eating this way and getting in touch with how people are feeling when they eat different foods. 

Kelly’s Morning Routine

Kelly talks about her morning routine and how she has dialed it in in terms of nutrition. She shares some of her favorite Fab Four smoothie recipes. She also goes over her philosophy for intermittent fasting. She likes a balanced approach with less rigid rules. When Kelly works with clients, she takes a look at how different tools fit into each person’s lifestyle.

Helping Kids Get in the Good Stuff

Kelly talks about the food introduction window and introducing kids to foods early, multiple times and in different ways to help them get to food acceptance. There is so much education that can happen in a kitchen.

Blood Sugar Levels

Melissa and Kelly discuss getting past the rough patch of switching from the typical American diet to a diet that includes intermittent fasting, higher protein, higher fat and more veggies. Kelly talks about this in relation to insulin and blood sugar levels. Kelly discusses metabolic flexibility, how to balance your blood sugar without crashing, and the benefits of intermittent fasting.

The Fab Four

Kelly talks about the Fab Four as well as how incorporates grains and dairy into her life. She believes that everyone needs to look at what works for their lifestyle and priorities.

Small Changes Big Benefits

Both Melissa and Kelly believe in making one small change at a time. Kelly’s first recommendation is to start with breakfast, to gradually stop late night eating and then add on movement. She also talks about her typical daily eating patterns, which varies with what is going on that day. Kelly shares several health tech tools that she uses to monitor her body. 

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