Renee Walls Part 2: Breaking Down Dietetics [EP 8]

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Description: In this episode, We see Renee and Melissa continue their discussion about different elements of dietetics. They talked about specific vitamins and minerals and Renee’s involvement in metagenics. This is a continuation of part 1 of “Breaking Down Dietetics” with Renee Walls.

In this episode you’ll learn:

11:03 Inflammation
33:31 Vitamin C
38:10 Melatonin In The Body


When I start by discussing how zinc interacts in the body.  As discussed in part 1 regarding magnesium, Minerals are used to start the process for vitamins to be absorbed into the body and used in numerous ways. Zinc reacts the same way magnesium does and is important for immune support and overall health. Renee explains that a Telltale sign of zinc deficiency is white lines on your nail beds. People see Improvement in their overall body function and immune health when they take zinc supplements. Renee also advises taking zinc if you lose your taste or smell. 


Melissa and Renee discuss SPMs in the body, also known as specialized proresolving mediators. Renee compares this to a construction worker, meaning that SPMs are responsible for going around and fixing things that are broken in the body. They attack inflammation and fight against it. Renee explains that a lot of people experience inflammation due to their diet. A lot of people suffer from allergies that they are not aware of including gluten allergies that cause inflammation around the body.

People who also endure surgeries for whatever reason, also experience inflammation far after the procedure. Renee explains that this happened to her.The reason you will see an inflammatory response in your body is because your immune system is trying to send out things to help decrease inflammation in the body as quickly as possible. SPMs are helpful to stop the damage in the body before it’s too severe. As you age, your body becomes less responsive to this process which is why older people see more autoimmune diseases. Their bodies are less capable of fighting inflammation. Chronic pain and inflammation becomes a serious problem for many people as they age, according to Renee. 


Renee and Melissa discuss how Vitamin C is typically viewed in society. The correlation between vitamin C and citrus fruits and juices like orange juice is common in most people’s Outlook when it comes to vitamin C. However, Melissa and Renee dig deeper into how Vitamin C affects the adrenal functions in the body. Renee explains that an adrenal gland Basically helps regulate your body’s functions during times of stress. Keeping your vitamin C levels up will help you reduce stress. Not only vitamin C is important in this equation, though, as everything in the body needs a partner to make it function. Vitamin C needs bioflavonoids to function properly within the body.  These come from things like the pulp in your orange juice. The juice of the Orange is the vitamin C but the pulp is the bioflavonoid, both equally important.=

Melatonin in The Body

So many people Have hopped on the bandwagon of taking melatonin supplements to help them sleep at night. Marketing has created the idea that melatonin is necessary. when I explained that melatonin is created naturally in the body as you experienced the darkness of the night taking over your day. Of course people who use their phones, tablets, or TVs at night will experience less melatonin production because they are around light. Your body will naturally start to produce melatonin when it experiences darkness and night time. Your brain will send signals to the rest of your body to produce melatonin and make you tired.

Renee explains this and also that melatonin can be necessary in some other situations. People who work the night shift like emergency workers often need to purposely mess up their melatonin production and stay up all night long with light to keep them awake during their working conditions. This can make it difficult for the body to naturally produce melatonin on its own. In this case, it is necessary for people to take melatonin supplements in the morning when they are trying to sleep, according to Renee.

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