Crafting Balanced Meals with Melissa McAllister

Crafting Balanced Meals with Melissa McAllister [EP 84]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa discusses balanced diets and how to get the most out of every meal. She walks though essential breakfast items, nutritious lunches, colorful dinners, and smart dessert choices. Elevating your meals and reframing your eating habits are important to health and wellbeing for every individual.

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02:47 Breakfast
08:58 Lunch
13:46 Dinner
28:22 Dessert
30:25 Cooking


Melissa tends to get her walk in and then eat breakfast around 10 or 11 am. Give yourself time in the morning before diving into breakfast. Must haves on a grocery list should be eggs, some sort of leafy green, berries, greek yogurt, a whole grain, high quality cheese, and a protein. Make sure to give your gut plenty of diversity.       


You really want to pack in the protein for lunch. Shakes and protein shakes, nut butters, apples, Epic bars, celery, tuna, nuts, and small amounts of dried fruits are good options. Be mindful of added sugars and fillers. Keep it diverse, clean, and think of how to mix and match to get the most out of your meal.     


Start with fibrous vegetables, preferably something green. Include starches and make sure to switch up the kinds on a regular basis to get all the benefits of each option. For proteins, have a variation of lean red meats, fatty fish, white fish, shellfish, pork, wild game, and chicken. Consider how it’s prepared and season it generously to savor your high quality food.  


Try pairing a quality dark chocolate with berries like cherries or raspberries. Find kinds that are individually wrapped so you don’t overdo it. Enjoy fresh fruit in the summer. Be mindful of your sweet tooth and try doing a small exercise after consumption. You want your muscles to use the added sugar instead of it sitting in your body. It helps with digestion as well.    


Practice cooking and play around. Use different cooking tools to your advantage. Stock your pantry. Make it a fun environment. Involve the family. Clean as you go to make it less stressful. Keep it simple. All of this will help keep your meals balanced, healthy, and delicious.  

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