Top Tips for Wellness Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah: Top Tips to Reclaim Your Wellness [EP 12]

Show Notes:

Description: In this episode, Melissa interviews a special guest, Dr. Amy Shah. Amy runs her own medical practice, is double board certified and is a wellness and fasting expert. Amy and Melissa discuss gut health, circadian fasting, anti-aging, and the mindset behind nutrition.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Discovering Fasting
09:48 The Anti-Aging Miracle
16:23 Top Fasting Tips for Effective Fasting
23:05 Healthy Gut Flora
30:06 Overall Health Tips
39:43 Amy’s Favorite Recipes

Discovering Fasting

Amy shares how she initially discovered fasting. In her training, she started to learn about the health benefits of intermittent fasting. As the good student she is, she decided to try the method herself. She recommends easing into intermittent fasting, just as you should ease into exercise, and you will begin to see the benefits. She shares her method called circadian fasting.

The Anti-Aging Miracle

The true anti-aging miracle is located inside of you, meaning that the best way to reverse aging is through lifestyle and nutrition vs external things like expensive creams. Amy talks about why 98% of diets fail even though we have all of the information and resources to succeed.

Top Tips For Effective Fasting

Many people like the concept of fasting, but it can be hard to overcome the cravings for food or sugar. Amy shares her top tips and tools to make fasting more effective. The most important thing to do is to eat a healthy diet. She also discusses things you can do to support this lifestyle as a mom and as a family.

Healthy Gut Flora

We often think that having a healthy gut comes down to addition of foods into your diet, but it is actually about subtraction. You’ll want to remove the amount of processed foods that you’re eating because they are really irritating to your gut. The food your gut likes is prebiotic fiber, which is found in whole foods like fruits and vegetables. The gut microbiome is linked to so many other elements of your health.

Overall Health Tips

The longest living people in the world have three things in common: they are in nature all the time, they are moving throughout the day, and they have community and purpose. Amy shares her trick for thinking about your community, as well as her non-negotiables when it comes to health and self-care. A study found that if you control 2-5 hours of your day, that is the definition of wellness.

Amy’s Favorite Recipes

A study showed that one teaspoon of turmeric can be equal to 30-60 minutes of exercise when it comes to blood vessels. One of her favorite things to make is her coconut milk golden chai latte.

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