Dr. Marc Milstein: Boosting Brain Power For Long Term Health [EP 69]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Dr. Marc Milstein, a scientist, brain health expert, public speaker, and best selling author who studies how to enhance brain health for optimal human function and longevity. Melissa and Marc discuss factors that impact brain health and lifestyle changes that can be implemented to support the brain for life.

Key Points From This Episode:

05:08 Longevity
13:48 Overall Health
21:24 Inflammation
30:01 Diet and Exercise
46:13 Memory


Marc starts out by talking about new developments and understanding about the brain every day. He mentions all of the different connections and influences these have on other parts of the body. This is why it’s important to do things to promote brain health over a lifetime. It is also possible for the brain to heal itself and to reverse damage done in the past depending on the circumstances.      

Overall Health                  

Sleep is incredibly important for brain health and function. Your brain needs deep sleep to boost learning capabilities and memory. Sleep also allows the brain to rid itself of toxins and waste. Overall health is important. Staying fit and active, eating well, drinking water, and taking care of your body will have positive effects on the brain.         


Once gut issues and inflammation become problems within the body, cells get confused and start eating healthy parts of the brain. Maintaining good gut health and decreasing inflammation is key to making sure that the brain only discharges garbage. Managing these also wards off depression, anxiety, and can even help defend against Alzheimer’s.  

Diet and Exercise         

Healthy fats coat your brain cells. These fats can’t be made, so they have come from food. Eating well and moving at least 30 minutes a day will make a big impact on brain health over time. The brain benefits from healthy whole foods that give it proper energy. Intermittent fasting allows for breaks and time to metabolize that food and fuel the body.


Memory is highly subjective. Everyone has different strengths when it comes to retaining memories. Memories can always shift as you revisit them, pick them apart, and put them together. Repetition is a good practice to strengthen memory.  

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