Dr. Terry Wahls: From Diagnosis to Discovery: Approaches to Revitalising Health and Wellness [EP 78]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa hosts Dr. Terry Wahls, an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner who conducts clinical research using functional medicine principles in the setting of multiple sclerosis. Melissa and Dr. Wahls dive into the science behind nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise for improved health, better wellness, impacts on the brain, aging, and healing.

Key Points From This Episode:       

01:57 Multiple Sclerosis
13:12 The Wahls Protocol
20:38 Focus on Nutrition
29:25 Trials and Research

Multiple Sclerosis               

Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with MS and spent years fighting a decline that didn’t seem to slow down. She knew she had two options when it came to her diagnosis, give up or give it her best every day. She chose her family and did everything she could to improve her situation no matter how hard it got. After some research, she created what is now called the Wahls Protocol.     

The Wahls Protocol          

The Wahls Protocol includes food and wellness shifts, which could include elimination diets, food sensitivity testing, or intermittent fasting at a pace that can be managed by the client. It’s about making little steps to a bigger change. Dr. Wahls works with people on a more primal schedule for eating and exercising. 

Focus on Nutrition          

Dr. Wahls essentially has redesigned the Paleo Diet in an intentional way to focus on a healthy body and to reach the needs of the body for overall wellness. She also looks at what people lose as they age and how it can be supplemented through diet and other nutritional options. Lifestyle changes and personalized diets play an important part of renewing health.    

Trials and Research            

Dr. Wahls is continuously working to understand how to improve health and expand wellness. She is currently focusing on clinical research, working in her medical practice, teaching classes, and measuring long-term effects of diet and lifestyle changes in patients. The hope is to understand nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise and the effects they have on different illnesses, diseases, aging, and overall health.    

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