Dr. Victoria Veytsman: Transforming Confidence From the Outside In [EP 30]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Dr. Victoria Veytsman, a celebrity cosmetic dentist with a passion for all things health, beauty, wellness, and building confidence. She is the youngest graduate of NYU Dental and specializes in reconstructive transformation of the mouth. Melissa and Dr. Veytsman discuss the importance of oral care and ways it can be the starting point to improving health in other parts of the body.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Elevating Your Life
09:05 Gateway To The Body
15:48 Mouthwash and Bacteria  
22:10 Anti-Aging Dentistry
37:20 Flow Over Perfection
43:03 Concluding Thoughts

Elevating Your Life

When speaking on cosmetic dentistry, it is noted that this is a kind of transformation that happens on the outside and works its way in. Starting with a smile can be the first step in elevating other parts of one’s life. One positive change can be the gateway in making other positive changes. 

Gateway To The Body

The mouth is the gateway to the body and can be a great indicator of what is happening internally. It is important to provide care for the mouth because things like bacteria can travel to other parts of the body. Everything is a system and has a connection to your overall health. 

Mouthwash and Bacteria

ADA products, like mouthwash, have been proven to be clinically effective in preventing gingivitis and cavities. Mouths consist of the oral microbiome which hold good bacteria and bad bacteria. Mouthwash has the potential to get rid of some of that good bacteria, but there are ways to replenish that good bacteria, which in turn can benefit health in other areas.   

Anti-Aging Dentistry

The teeth are the scaffolding to the lower third of the face. As the aging process happens, collagen is lost as well as vertical and horizontal dimension in the face. Taking care of the teeth is the best way to combat anti-aging by going to annual dentist appointments, doing preventative care of the mouth, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in every way. 

Flow Over Perfection

Beauty standards tend to focus on perfection, but when it comes to facial features and construction of the mouth, it is about what flows best for each individual person. It is not about exact measurements and precision, but more about if it is unique to that person. Ask what would look best based on certain distinctive features. 

Concluding Thoughts

There are small steps to take to insure dental hygiene and oral health. Things to practice would be consistency at home, daily care, using ADA products, considering probiotics, using tongue scrapers to remove bacteria, trying white strips for stains, being mindful of food and drinks, staying hydrated to maintain a proper PH balance, not chewing on damaging items, and overall stress reduction.

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