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Dr. Will Cole: Using Food To Fight Inflammation [EP 10]

Show Notes:

Description: In this episode, Melissa interviews Dr. Will Cole, a functional medical expert who studies food and the ways in which it can naturally heal your body. An author as well, Dr. Will Cole influenced Melissa in many ways and she shares with you how his books have changed her life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Dr. Cole’s Approach to Food as a Father
11:00 Understanding Inflammation
18:48 Can You still Eat Red Meat?
28:38 How Does Intermittent Fasting Play Into This?
39:10 Some Foods Can Be “Bad”

Dr. Cole’s Approach to Food as a Father

Melissa and doctor Cole discuss how important it is to create a healthy relationship with food for your children. By giving your children the knowledge and power to make decisions based on how they feel when they eat certain foods, you allow them to be responsible in choosing what is best for them. This is not only beneficial for their physical health, but their mental health as well.

Understanding Inflammation

Dr. Cole is an inflammation expert and studies all different types of relationships between the body and inflammation. Understanding your unique microbiome and how it works is important to making sure that you are taking in what is really beneficial to your body. Dr. Cole’s approach is unique because he focuses on a food lifestyle called ketotarian.

Can You Still Eat Red Meat?

The simple answer is, if you want to, yes! Since all foods contain some sort of nutrients, finding a balance is the most important part of any diet. Dr. Cole explains that if you feel good from eating red meat, include it in your diet in a healthy and moderated way.

How Does Intermittent Fasting Play Into This?

In Dr. Cole’s books, he explains the protocol and information necessary to make choices regarding intermittent fasting in your personal diet and lifestyle. He strives to share information in a way that is unbiased and helpful to a large group of people, and also recognizes that not everything works for each individual.

Some Foods Can Be “Bad”

Though Dr. Cole discusses not limiting your food intake to a degree that causes you to feel restricted, he also agrees that some foods are just not beneficial for the body. Depending on your specific microbiome, Dr. Cole suggests eating less or cutting out certain foods that invoke a negative reaction within your body. If you notice inflammation after eating gluten, for example, cut that out of your diet and see how it makes you feel. This doesn’t mean that any food containing gluten is “bad”, it just means that it doesn’t work for you.

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