Dr. William Li: The Science Behind Food and Human Health [EP 63]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Dr. William Li, a physician, scientist, president and medical director, and bestselling author (his new book “Eat to Beat Disease” comes out March 21st). His research has led to the development of more than 30 new medical treatments that impact care for more than 70 diseases. Dr. Li and Melissa discuss the best foods to support the gut microbiome and impact of different foods on the body for longevity and overall health.

Key Points From This Episode:

03:32 Disease Prevention
11:30 Misconceptions
20:30 The Gut
27:50 Foods and Diet
36:14 Fat and Metabolism
50:47 Organic

Disease Prevention          

Dr. Li talks about his work as both a scientist studying vascular biology and his career as a physician focusing on internal medicine. His medical side focuses on treating people who are ill, where the scientific side focuses on keeping people well. His research in fighting disease is finding the common roots to the issues, which tends to have a link to the balance of the microbiome of the body.  


There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet and a big topic is health concerns when it comes to vegetables. Dr. Li discusses all the reasons why people should not avoid vegetables and why it’s important to include them in a daily diet. He talks about the benefits of vegetables for human function and disease prevention. 

The Gut     

Fermented foods invite healthy gut bacteria by providing prebiotics and probiotics. When we support our gut, it lowers inflammation and streamlines our metabolism for a healthy body. A healthy gut also supports brain health, hormones, stabilizes mood, and helps fight against illness and disease.     

Foods and Diet       

Dr. Li doesn’t believe in big crash diets or anything where there’s a lot of fluctuation with the foods being consumed. He is a big supporter of the Mediterranean diet, or simply including a lot of whole, good-for-you foods. Protein is very important in a diet as well. It’s also good to plan what times of the day to eat and not overeat.  

Fat and Metabolism       

Fat is essential for our body, energy, and immune system until it grows to an excess. Research shows that everyone is born with the same level of metabolism and fluctuates based on age and other external factors. Excess fat is going to cause metabolism to slow down, so a good diet is one of the biggest factors in supporting metabolism. The longer you have to burn fat the better, so that’s why intermittent fasting is a good thing.     

Organic Food and Omega-3        

When you have foods that aren’t sprayed on with chemicals, bugs are going to nibble on the leaves. This nibbling actually has been shown to release bioactive elements that are good for the human body. This makes organic foods better for boosting metabolism, fighting off harmful disease, and burning more fat. Same goes for Omega-3 filled foods.       

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