Embracing Delayed Gratification with Melissa McAllister [EP 93]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa talks about the importance of embracing delayed gratification on a journey to improvement in any area of your life. Mindset is everything when you’re making noteworthy changes, and focusing on delayed gratification versus instant gratification will make all the difference in getting you to where you want to be in the long run. 

Key Points From This Episode:       

02:40 Goals and Visualization
10:10 Mindfulness and Self-Talk
16:24 Distractions and Incremental Goals 
19:35 Patience, Support, and Mindset   

Goals and Visualization                 

Delayed gratification is the ability to resist the temptation of an immediate reward and wait for a later, often greater, reward. Having a clear definition of your goals and being specific about how you will get there will help you stick with your plan. Visualizing what you want to achieve will help things feel more realistic, tangible, and timeframe friendly.                 

Mindfulness and Self-Talk                    

Practicing mindfulness techniques helps keep you in the present moment without feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. It helps keep you grounded so that you feel motivated to keep going for your goals. Talk to yourself in a positive and encouraging way when weighing the options of the decisions you’re making. Being kind to yourself is huge.   

Distractions and Incremental Goals             

Lumen helps with carb cycling and determining when the body is going to use more fat storage for energy purposes. This helps us understand when to focus on having more or less carbs based on complex factors such as female cycles, activity levels, sleep, and mental state. All of this can not only help in weight loss, but also maintaining the healthy levels of body fat once the ideal level is met. It also helps with some of those harder times of menopause and perimenopause. 

Using Lumen for Strategy               

Sometimes it helps to find healthy distractions from surrounding temptations. Healthy distractions can be the key to getting yourself out of situations that are going to put you back. Focus on incremental goals to get you to your big push goal. Celebrate along the way. Small victories are going to drive big changes.  

Patience, Support, and Mindset              

Practice patience with yourself. Delayed gratification can only grow when patience grows. Choose to live as healthy of a lifestyle as you can to hit your goals. Find support in others who encourage the changes you want to make. Change the way you think about things to drive you forward in a positive way. Understand that the changes you’re making are not about denying yourself things, but moving you toward a better version of yourself.

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