Felicia Romero: Getting In A Healthy Mindset To Reach Realistic Goals   [EP 50]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Felicia Romero, a top five pro figure competitor, fitness model, gym owner, tv personality, and wellness spokesperson. Felicia believes in a balance of mental and physical wellness to be a rounded human being. Felicia and Melissa discuss the journey of wellness and the building a relationship with yourself to be able to set healthy goals. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

Fit To Fat To Fit       
14:52 Struggles      
18:52 Mindset 
23:15 Binge Eating
30:33 Self Love 
39:54 Criticism

Fit To Fat To Fit  

Felicia kicks off the conversation by talking about her time on a reality show called Fit To Fat To Fit. The purpose was to show the process of gaining and then losing weight. She talks in depth about the changes she experienced both mentally and physically. There’s a lot that happens in the body when different foods are introduced and your activity level changes.       


When Felicia was ready to lose the weight she put on, she found that her motivation was very low and she struggled to make necessary changes. She broke it down to comfort and not wanting to leave what was comfortable. She talks about how it’s hard to get yourself to do uncomfortable things and to break yourself of a mindset around comfort.     


Changing your habits and mindset needs to be more than just about weight loss. It should be about breaking free of the things that are no longer serving you and setting realistic goals to a healthier lifestyle. Realistic goals that work for you will snowball into bigger accomplishments.

Binge Eating 

Felicia speaks about the time in her life when she was competing in shows and the unhealthy relationship she started to build with food. She would eat very clean and then binge on unhealthy foods for one day. It came from her competitions turning into a job and the pressures of the comments on her body.

Self Love

It’s important to grow a relationship with yourself and feel confident wherever you are in your journey. Felicia talks about the three steps she took to build her own self love and respect. She went to a counselor, changed her influences and environment, and healed her relationship with food.


There can be extremes in both directions when it comes to comments on eating habits. Whatever you are choosing to do, do it for yourself over anyone else. It is also important to remind yourself that diets do not have to be an all or nothing situation. Balance can be healthy and we should love the life we are living. 

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