Finding a Healthy Balance on Your Path to Wellness with Erin Washington

Finding a Healthy Balance on Your Path to Wellness – Part 1 with Erin Washington [EP 82]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa hosts Erin Washington, host of Squats and Margaritas, a popular podcast that focuses on living a balanced, healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on body positivity for women of all ages. This is actually part one of a two part podcast series where they dig into a variety of topics, including business, motherhood, health and wellness, and being authentically you in everything that you do.

Key Points From This Episode:       

05:32 True Care for Transformation
14:16 Balance in Life and Business
19:55 Be Authentically You

True Care for Transformation                   

Erin opens up with a raw conversation about her years of disordered eating and body image issues. It was after having her children, Erin realized that strict diets and constant workouts just didn’t make sense. She started listening to her hunger cues and strength training a few days a week, that she started to feel her best. From there she started sharing with others online and her audience grew exponentially.          

Balance in Life and Business                   

Melissa and Erin discuss parenthood and how having your own passions outside of being a mom actually empowers not only you, but your kids as they watch what you do. Balance is important for the whole family. Having your own thing will make you a better mom and more present in the moments with your kids.      

Be Authentically You            

When it comes to running a business, you’re going to receive comments, backlash, and sometimes unkind feedback. Know that this is usually because you’re triggering something that someone is insecure about. The best thing to do is to not put fuel in their fire and be humble in your responses. Be authentic, real, and true to yourself in the best way that you can. You’ll attract the people that should be in your circle.    

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