Finding a Healthy Balance on Your Path to Wellness - Part 2 with Erin Washington

Finding a Healthy Balance on Your Path to Wellness – Part 2 with Erin Washington [EP 83]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa hosts Erin Washington, host of Squats and Margaritas, a popular podcast that focuses on living a balanced, healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on body positivity for women of all ages. This is part two of a two part podcast series where they dig into a variety of topics, including business, motherhood, health and wellness, and being authentically you in everything that you do.

Key Points From This Episode:       

38:16 Healthy and Whole
43:27 Listen to your Body
51:14 Live with Balance

Healthy and Whole                    

Erin talks about what being healthy means to her, and she mentions caring for your body, listening to your hunger cues, moving regularly, and doing something beneficial for your mental health. She mentions how when she was in the worst of her eating disorder, she was extremely unhealthy because she was getting rid of everything the body actually needs. Health isn’t a limitation, it’s listening.           

Listen to Your Body                    

Erin switched her habits from limiting her foods and extreme cardio workouts to eating more, clean foods and working out a few times a week, which was a transformation for her. She mentions how she feels so much healthier now than when she was being so strict. Check in with yourself and keep tabs on how you feel. Balance and moderation for everything is key.      

Live with Balance            

Healthy living is not a start, stop situation. This will only encourage binging and negative patterns. Healthy living is a lifestyle. Eat well, often, don’t restrict yourself, and listen to your hunger cues. Move regularly, lift weights, but don’t overdo it. Track, but don’t stress about it constantly. Same with how you’re presenting yourself on social media. Be real, honest, and embrace your whole, natural self.      

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