Hitting Your Goals Through the Holidays with Melissa McAllister [EP 95]

Show Notes:

The holidays are quickly approaching, and on this episode, Melissa wants to help you prepare for everything that comes with the season. She goes through some tips for staying on your health and wellness plan through all of the temptation and holiday chaos, and how to find a healthy balance in enjoying annual traditions.   

Key Points From This Episode:

06:10 Set Goals           

08:33 Be Realistic                      

10:40 Use a Calendar 

15:02 Be Honest     


Set Goals                   

It’s really important, as we go into the holidays and temptation is floating around, to set goals. Define what you want to accomplish and understand what it’s going to take to get there. Look at what lies ahead and what you should focus on. Write them down and break them up into smaller goals to make things easier to accomplish.       

Be Realistic                      

Think about everything going on over the holidays and how busy things can get. Plan ahead, and think about how you want to accomplish your goals without overwhelming yourself. Account for the unexpected, and figure out how you’re going to get back on track. Plan out your meals and activities for the days ahead.    

Use a Calendar              

Write everything down. Plan and take advantage of seeing it laid out on a calendar. Being able to map it out will help you stick to your plan. It also makes it more doable and not so overwhelming. Seeing events coming up will also mentally prepare you for what those parties may involve. This puts you in control.   

Be Honest                  

Be honest about the things that you’re going to have. Some things are tradition and it’s okay to have it, just make sure to prepare for it. On the flip side, ask yourself if it really is something small that you’re going to have because it’s part of the holiday season tradition or if that’s your cover story. Figure out what really means a lot to you to have and what things you should say no to. Know your moderation level as well and what you can handle. 

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