Jenn Trepeck: Diving Into Health Education [EP 34]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Jenn Trepeck, an optimal health coach, podcaster, and business consultant. Jenn helps people understand proper health education with a focus on weight management. Melissa and Jenn talk about health education and what it takes to thrive as a healthy human. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

16:15 Protein, Fiber, and Fat
20:16 Proper Research  
24:04 Diets 
26:45 Alcohol
38:12 Finding Your Niche


Jenn discusses that people are generally taught “calories in, calories out” when it comes to dieting, but it really should be “quality in, quality out” as far as the foods we eat as well as getting up and moving more. The key is to build muscle and we need quality food to do that.   

Protein, Fiber, and Fat

One major thing Jenn likes to stress is that Protein and Fiber should be a part of every meal. Protein should be clean and lean. Fiber should be vegetables and sometimes fruit. Good fat should also be part of meal plans once or twice a day.

Proper Research

Jenn and Melissa talk about social media and dieting. It is important for people to take the information they already know to be true and evaluate any new information to make an informative conclusion about a topic. Taking time to research will lead to better results.


When talking about different diets and trends, Jenn mentions that really any diet will work in one way or the other. The question is will it last and how helpful is it? There are many ways to lose fat, but it doesn’t mean that we will keep it off or that it will actually be good for us.  


The bottom line with Alcohol is that we get healthier each day we keep alcohol away. Alcohol puts stress on the liver and because the liver is focusing on detoxing the body, it can’t focus on any of the food put in our system. This being said, Jenn addresses that we are human. She’s not saying to never drink, but simply wants people to understand what alcohol does to the body.

Finding Your Niche

Jenn switches gears a little and talks about being a coach in the wellness industry. She dives into how finding a spot in the fitness world is a continuous process that can change over time. It is very personalized to our own story and journey. It also centers around who we want to help and share information with.

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