Joining Forces as Podcast Partners with Melissa McAllister & Dr. Lauren Fitzgerald [Ep 110]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa and Dr. Lauren talk about how they went from friends to business partners in the health and wellness industry, and their exciting decision to co-host as podcast partners. They recount their first meeting, their growing friendship, and shared experiences. They also share their vision for the podcast, aiming to provide valuable, useful content and foster a supportive community.

Key Points From This Episode:

1:52 The Big Announcement

Melissa shares about her and Dr. Lauren’s decision to co-host the podcast, highlighting their excitement about the collaboration. Melissa and Dr. Lauren discuss how they met through social media, their initial impressions of each other, and how their friendship developed over time. They go on to chat about their business and personal experiences, emphasizing the value of trust and support in their relationship.

15:09 The Made Fitz Show 

Dr. Lauren and Melissa discuss their vision for the podcast, aiming to provide valuable content to help listeners improve daily, and the impact they hope to have on their audience’s lives. The hosts announce the name of the show, “The Made Fitz Show,” and discuss the format in more detail, including solo episodes, guest interviews, and interactive segments. Dr. Lauren talks about the goal of increasing the podcast’s reach and providing valuable content to benefit the audience, with a focus on actionable insights and personal development.

22:06 Building a Community 

Melissa and Dr. Lauren express their desire to engage with their audience, including inviting listeners to participate in the podcast, and their commitment to fostering a community. Dr. Lauren and Melissa discuss engaging with the audience, addressing potential medical advice inquiries with care, and ensuring the podcast’s appropriateness for all listeners. Melissa reflects on the podcast’s growth, the value of the partnership with Dr. Lauren, and the excitement for the future, sharing anecdotes of their journey together.

30:38 Staying Informed 

The two talk about aging and life lessons, acknowledging personal growth, openness to change, and evolving perspectives in health and wellness practices, with examples of how they’ve adapted over time. They emphasize the importance of a growth mindset and continuous learning, with tips on how to cultivate it. They talk about their commitment to staying informed, sharing updated knowledge, and being transparent about evolving beliefs in health and wellness, with a pledge to always provide the latest information.

37:17 A Bright Podcast Future 

The two express the intention to impact listeners’ lives positively and fulfill their purpose through the podcast, with a focus on actionable advice and personal stories. They encourage audience engagement and express their appreciation for support, along with future plans for giveaways and special episodes. They wrap up by expressing gratitude, anticipation for the future, and excitement for the podcast’s journey, with a teaser of upcoming topics and guest speakers.

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