Jonathan Herzog: The Power of Peptides and Promoting Lifelong Health [EP 71]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts a personal friend and expert on all things Peptides, Jonathan Herzog. Jonathan is the founder of Herzog Vitality Center that focuses on tailored treatments and approaches to fully optimize the body for peak performance at any age. Melissa and Jonathan dig into the world of peptides, as well as other approaches to improved long-term health.

Key Points From This Episode:       

03:50 What are Peptides?
11:08 Healing and Preventive Care
20:16 Signal Activations
26:42 The Emsella Chair
31:32 Balancing Hormones

What are Peptides?             

Peptides are a chain of amino acids that give signals to your brain to release certain naturally occuring substances to your body. They are not the substances themselves, but simply encourage your body to help itself out. Sometimes the body doesn’t do a great job of providing these signals by itself, so peptides help sound the alarm to release substances the body needs to operate at peak performance.       

Healing and Preventative Care                     

Certain peptides help with injury, particularly when it comes to the healing process. Different types help with different signals, and the one for injuries is promising for quick and accurate healing as well as being used for preventative measures. The key is to get peptides from reputable sources and doctors who know how they work.            

Signal Activations         

Peptides work by activating different single responses in the body. Depending on the type of peptide, you can activate signals for weight loss, changing the pigment of your skin, increasing hormonal drive, fast and effective healing, curbing appetite and much more. Certain considerations of past health issues should be taken into account, as well as quickly stopping the peptides, but overall has been shown to be safe.   

The Emsella Chair          

Jonathan talks about a recommended device in addition to using peptides that helps with raising the pelvic floor to help women in particular who have had children, are pre or post menopausal, or simply are having a hard time holding their bladder. The device simulates the pelvic area to be stronger and combat weakness in that region. It’s a great alternative to traditional surgery. 

Balancing Hormones           

Menopause is not a common topic of concern in the medical world, and supporting hormone balance is generally not included in conversations around changing bodies. Hormonal balance is incredibly important when it comes to aging. Peptides encourage the increase and release of natural hormones needed for proper body function.

Take on Semaglutide            

Semaglutide provides a lot of benefits to those who are struggling with losing weight and keeping weight off. The need and length of need depends on the person’s health status and risk factors involved. Your body is going to get that extra jump to burn fat as fuel, so just be sure to get healthy foods in while you’re taking it to get the nutrients your body needs.  

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