Larisa Petrini: The Role Of Genetics In The Aging Process [EP 44]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Larisa Petrini, an age reversal expert, sleep expert, and epigenetic specialist. She is the founder of Bodyology which helps women reverse the signs of aging in their mid-life years. She partners with many different clients to give her advice and expertise about the role of genetics when it comes to aging. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

11:20 Foods       
18:06 Environment      
23:26 Sleep
34:09 Aging
38:05 Men and Women   


Larisa breaks down the science behind epigenetics. She talks about how it has to do with breaking down how our genes behave and function. Epigenetics covers areas of nutrition, environmental factors, diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. It takes these factors into consideration of how they affect our genes.


Some foods work great for certain people, but not for others. Everyone reacts to food in different ways. The same with being predisposed to certain illnesses. Skin care is another very individual thing to people. The foods people consume and what is happening in the gut leads back to how skin is doing on the outside of the body. 


Hydration is a key element for the body, and this doesn’t just mean drinking water. Using a humidifier and monitoring levels within your home is important. Temperature is another thing to keep in mind as well as screen time. Environmental changes can have a big effect on overall health.


Larisa recommends having your last meal around 7:00pm so the body has time to properly digest foods. She also recommends going to bed around 10:00pm to make sure hormones can process in the body. Proper sleep starts at the beginning of the day. Taking the right steps in whole body care will ensure solid rest.


Metabolism and the thyroid slows down with age. People also lose five pounds of muscle every decade and sleep less. It takes more effort to maintain these things as the aging process happens. 80% of our weight is directly or indirectly linked to the food we put in our bodies. The other 20% are other internal and external factors. 

Men and Women

Men are built differently than women, which means they can eat more food and get quicker results when trying to lose weight. Women tend to carry more stress than men as well have to deal with menopause. This makes aging between men and women very different.

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