Lauren Papanos: What Your Hormones Are Trying To Tell You [EP 60]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Lauren Papanos, a registered dietitian and published hormone health researcher. Melissa and Lauren discuss the role hormones play in the body and their influence on metabolic health. Lauren breaks down ways to optimize long-term hormonal health through gut health, nutrition, fitness, and whole body care.

Key Points From This Episode:

04:50 Hormones
12:08 HRT
19:12 Nutrition
32:04 Fitness
39:54 Whole Body


Things like metabolism, the digestive system, and health history all have an impact on hormones. The body is a system, and when something is off in one place, it’s going to be off in another. If there is a hormone imbalance, there’s going to be something causing that imbalance. It’s good to do testing to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the body. 


When the body stops producing certain hormones, particularly after menopause, replacing those hormones can be very beneficial. Estrogen is a good example of a hormone that supports many areas of the body, if estrogen declines, the body is going to struggle. This makes hormone replacement therapy a good option for some people.    


The foods we consume do play a big part in hormone production and metabolic health. Functional eating patterns are also important and are going to be different for each person based on their individual needs. Meals should include a large variety of healthy options with a focus on protein and should be balanced throughout the day. 


Exercise is important to hormone balance and how the body metabolizes food. Resistance training has shown the strongest results in regards to what works best to help the body’s processes. It’s about finding a good balance of workout routines that benefit the body. 

Whole Body     

Counting macros and calories aren’t as important as paying attention to hormone balance, gut health, nutrients, and metabolic stabilization. Taking a look at the body as a whole system and adjusting the parts that are out of order will help the body heal and adjust. Counting won’t help if these systems aren’t in proper alignment.   

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