Laurie Lewis: Feeling Vibrant and Healing Your Body Through Menopause [EP 26]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa interviews certified health coach and author, Laurie Lewis. Though Laurie has always taken good care of herself, menopause took her into a downward spiral causing things like brain fog and hormonal fat gain. She tried everything and stumbled upon intermittent fasting. It has been life changing in helping her regain her vibrancy and feel like herself again. This is a conversation about restoring your health before, during, and after menopause, and provides valuable advice for women at any age.

In this episode you’ll learn:

When Menopause Started to Hit
10:44 Finding Your Nutrition Sweet Spot
23:50 The Hype
38:10 Burning Fat for Fuel
51:06 Taking Gentle Care

When Menopause Started to Hit

Laurie always considered herself someone who really took care of herself. In her late 20s, she had an epiphany about food that led her to shift in her diet and begin studying nutrition. Though she was intentional about her health throughout her life, she still experienced some troubling side effects of menopause. Laurie believes it’s in all of our best interests to know what’s going on with our bodies and celebrate the transition of menopause.

Finding Your Nutrition Sweet Spot

Laurie talks about how she incorporates intermittent fasting in her life. There is a unique sweet spot for everyone, but it can also be flexible throughout your life. Laurie talks about eating foods that work well with your body, and how that empowers us through the process of menopause. Laurie goes into more depth about her diet and what her refrigerator looks like at home.

The Hype

There is a lot of hype around intermittent fasting in current times, but what we hear is not always true. Laurie shares how every single person is improving multiple elements of their health when they deliberately, consciously fast clean and eat within an eating window. It’s not as much about weight loss as it is about feeling better today, and having more longevity.

Burning Fat for Fuel

Melissa talks about how she’s been able to maintain a relatively low body fat percentage throughout her life because of intermittent fasting. She discusses the standard American diet and how we can allow for better metabolic flexibility. Laurie explains how our bodies are smart and will give us hunger signals, but that we can continue to fast, keeping insulin low and allowing fat to be burned for fuel.

Taking Gentle Care

Laurie shares how we can best ease the process of perimenopause and menopause. She invites listeners to really take a look at things like alcohol, sugar and caffeine and how they can shift our habits to better serve us. She wants to raise awareness and take the shame out of the transition. She recommends taking very gentle care of yourself.

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