Living Your Healthiest Life Through Small, Smart Habits – Pt 1 with Mike Karpenko [EP 89]

Show Notes:

This week is Part 1 of a 2 part series with guest Mike Karpenko, a close personal friend of Melissa in the health and wellness space. They discuss the importance of managing expectations when it comes to hitting wellness goals, the role of consistency in fitness, weight training tips, and the significance of movement in achieving a healthier lifestyle. Tune in for insights and practical advice on improving your overall well-being. 

Key Points From This Episode:       

00:53 Expectations of Results
11:58 Progression in Fitness
19:42 Tips for Weight Training
23:34 The Importance of Movement

Expectations of Results                     

Mike and Melissa dive right into the conversation around health and fitness, starting with expectations. Results don’t happen overnight, it takes small steps to hit bigger goals over an unknown amount of time. It depends on where you’re at and where you want to be, and your level of commitment to the process.             

Progression in Fitness                    

When it comes to fitness, consistency builds momentum and momentum builds success. You need to have consistency to build momentum to get to where you want to be. Any time you’re just starting out, simply creating the ability to move and endurance over time will lead to progress in your fitness journey. Next, work on building your strength through weight training. Building muscle burns fat. When you have those nailed down, work on increasing weight in your reps over time to see muscle building results. 

Tips for Weight Training          

With weight training, your first two sets should leave you with “two in the tank”, as in, you could do two more, and then your third set should leave you feeling like you don’t have any in the tank. The third set should be your hardest and challenge you the most. Rest in between sets is an important part of the process, but you need to maintain intensity throughout the workout. 

The Importance of Movement          

Everyone needs to move more. It doesn’t matter how, but movement is the gateway to healthier living. Everyone has different styles and has different levels of what motivates them, so do the things that are going to inspire you to do more. Cardio is extremely important, especially for heart health, and it should go hand in hand with weight training. For specific goals, keep track and understand that where you are might not be where someone else is. It takes different time, different tasks, and different mindsets to hit specific goals. 

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