Living Your Healthiest Life Through Small, Smart Habits – Pt 2 with Mike Karpenko [EP 90]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa continues her engaging conversation with Mike Karpenko, a close friend in the health and wellness field. Part 2 dives into the key principles of wellness, such as rest, intensity, and consistency, and setting standards to successfully hit goals. This episode is all about empowering you to take control of your fitness journey and leveling up to your highest potential.

Key Points From This Episode:       

01:54 Rest in Routines and Sets
12:28 Level Up Intensity and Consistency
24:44 Standards for Success

Rest in Routines and Sets                      

When it comes to rest in fitness, it’s subjective, but you really shouldn’t rest for more than two days in a row. Your body will repair too much and you won’t be at the same consistency. Longer periods of rest are alright in small doses. Don’t stress too much about the time of your workout, just get it in, but a good time to do it is mid-morning when the body is ready to go. Start with a warm up so your first set of exercises are a working set.  

Level Up Intensity and Consistency                   

Different sets and exercises are basically just different levels of stress. Volume is good, but make sure the intensity is high the whole time with intentional, small rests in between. Stay consistent to make progress. Understand that the more you get into it, the more detailed you’re going to need to be in your fitness and nutrition plan. Mike wants people to understand this to see why things flow the way they do when seeking assistance from coaches. 

Standards for Success          

You can’t control genetics, but when it comes to achieving your goals, you have to have an honest conversation with yourself about what it’s going to take to get there. Mike believes that you shouldn’t suffer in silence, you should work on things in public. Hold yourself to a standard so you can be around for the people that love and care about you. Change your language and take action. Get moving and take the necessary steps toward feeling your best. 

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