Melissa McAllister: 10 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Hitting Your Health and Fitness Goals [EP 76]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa runs through some reasons why you might not be hitting your health and fitness goals. Melissa hopes this episode will help provide tools and knowledge that you might not currently have to keep moving toward living your best healthy, happy life.

Key Points From This Episode:       

01:00 Method’s and Keeping Track
07:22 Lifestyle and Foundations
09:54 Clean Eating and Routines
15:12 Flipping Focus and Staying Positive
19:42 Sleep and Checking In

Methods and Keeping Track                 

There is such a thing as information overload and trying too many different avenues in a short amount of time. You want to try to stick to one or two things that are going to be sustainable long term. 

Consider tracking the types of food you’re eating and how much over time, as well as your movement and activity levels. 

Lifestyle and Foundations                   

There’s no such thing as a deadline when it comes to health and wellness. This is a long-term commitment and overall lifestyle change. 

Don’t overcomplicate things. Eat well, drink water, lower stress, and get good sleep. These are the main things to focus on.     

Clean Eating and Routines          

Foods are constantly hiding behind “clean” labels. Many diet foods like to say they are healthy, but are full of processed ingredients. Stick to whole foods as often as possible. 

Don’t let up on the weekends. Stay on track to see the best results. If you can’t, balance it out throughout the days as best as you can. 

Flipping Focus and Staying Positive           

Don’t punish yourself for not hitting your exact goals. Focus on other areas, this should help the areas you are having issues with. 

Have confidence in your abilities and be grateful for what you’re able to do. A positive mindset will make all the difference.   

Sleep and Checking In            

Focus on sleep and try to have a consistent sleep schedule. Drop the things that are going to disrupt your sleep. 

If you’re doing everything as close to right as possible and not seeing results, get your levels checked. It’s good to know what’s happening on the inside of the body as well as the outside.   

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