Melissa McAllister: A Breakdown of Semaglutide [EP 70]

Show Notes:

In this solo episode, Melissa breaks down information about Semaglutide, a doctor prescribed medication that has shown to have positive effects on weight loss and management. Melissa gives her opinions of the positives, cautions, and overall thoughts on who it can help, how it can help, and some things to take into consideration when approaching this medication. For more information, check out “The Definitive Guide to Semaglutide” E-Book which provides essential details around the topic. 

Key Points From This Episode:

04:02 Blocking Hunger
06:52 Be Mindful of Muscle 
13:08 Healthy Habits                       

Blocking Hunger             

This medication works in a few ways, one being that it takes your appetite away. The good thing about this is that it helps take your mind off of food for those that struggle with a constant feeling of hunger. The cautions with this is not just filling your body with whatever is in front of you, to be mindful of the foods you do eat, and to not forget to drink plenty of fluids.  

Be Mindful of Muscle                

The one side effect that is the most concerning is muscle wasting. The good part of the medication is the fat burning aspect, but unfortunately muscle tends to burn along with it. You also tend to not eat as much which decreases essential nutrients that are important to muscle growth.       

Healthy Habits      

Muscle wasting can be minimized with proper care before starting the medication and while you are using it, which is eating a nutritious diet and regular strength training. Doing this will also create healthy habits for life. You won’t need to be on this medication forever if you lose weight, set healthy habits, and continue to work on yourself.

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