Melissa McAllister: Advice That May Not Suit Everyone [EP 41]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa talks about how some people, although their intentions are good, sometimes give bad advice. They tend to speak to a general group of people and not consider what an individual may need. She goes through a list of some bad generalized advice she has heard and what to do with that information.    

In this episode you’ll learn:

Good Carbohydrates      
06:55 Bad Carbohydrates      
10:01 Eating The Cookie      
13:44 Calories
17:32 Late Night Food
22:17 Run Down     

Good Carbohydrates

Certain kinds of carbohydrates are necessary for brain function, but it’s a matter of finding the right kinds. A study (linked below) found that refined carbohydrates are linked to a decline in cognitive function. This makes it really important to make sure to watch what kind of carbohydrates are going in the body.

Bad Carbohydrates

Not all carbohydrates are bad. Some people want to cut them out completely, but it’s okay to eat some carbohydrates if they are coming from good sources of whole foods. Be particular with which kinds to consume, but don’t shut them out. They are a necessary macronutrient. 

Eating The Cookie

Melissa talks about how moderation can be very challenging for some people. Telling someone it’s okay to “eat the cookie” may be a downward spiral for them. Some people can eat a strict diet, have one cookie, and go back to eating well. Others may not do well with that situation.


Melissa talks about the mindset of calories in and calories out. If you rid yourself of processed foods and commit to eating whole foods, you shouldn’t have to worry about counting calories. You will take care of yourself if you just eat well.    

Late Night Food 

Eating late does affect your body. Many people like to say that this isn’t true, but it is. It will disrupt your sleep and mess with your hormones. You will feel more hungry the next day and less rested. There should be a gap of about three hours between eating and going to bed.

Run Down

Melissa runs down the list to recap bad advice and what you should do instead. She talks about eating good sources of carbohydrates in moderation, deciding if you are someone who can “eat the cookie”, not worrying so much about calories if you are eating a whole foods diet, and giving yourself a gap after eating before going to sleep.  

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