Breaking Up with Junk Food for Renewed Health

Melissa McAllister: Breaking Up with Junk Food for Renewed Health [EP 72]

Show Notes:

In this solo episode, Melissa talks about how to make smarter decisions when it comes to your daily diet to feel your best. Temptation is everywhere, so she goes through ways you can adjust your mindset to pick foods that will serve you better.

Key Points From This Episode:       

04:40 What Is Junk Food?
07:34 Body Facts
13:08 Facts and Stats

What Is Junk Food?              

You have to think about your definition of junk food and consider the things you are putting in your body. Foods that are high in sugar, salt, and refined fats as well as foods that contain artificial preservatives and colors are some of the main foods that fall in the category of junk foods. Think about how often you are eating it and how your body feels after.   

The Amazing Body                

Melissa goes over some facts on the amazing and truly fascinating things the body does to keep you up and running. The body works very hard to keep you alive and well, so why not treat it with the kind of fuel it truly needs. Focus on real food and variety for your gut with just a very occasional treat.   

Facts and Stats        

Healthy foods will not only keep your body running optimally, but also work as a preventative to other illnesses as well. It’ll fight Type 2 Diabetes, depression, tooth and bone decay, cancer, heart disease and strokes, illnesses, restless sleep, and poor cognitive function. What you do today will make a difference now and in the future. 

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