Melissa McAllister: Breaks For Better Health [EP 55]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa breaks down the misunderstandings about intermittent fasting, provides detail on the simplicity of it, and lists the positive effects of giving your body a break from meals.  

In this episode:

02:58 Behind The Name
04:41 Different Times
07:12 Rest and Repair
10:55 Overall Health

Behind The Name    

Sometimes using the term “fasting” puts up a red flag for people, and that’s why terms like time restricted eating have taken its place. It’s all about timing things out. Eating becomes less of a free-for-all and is more structured with fasting. It’s putting a little disciple into the way that you eat.            

Different Times       

Most people hear the word fasting and assume it means doing it for at least sixteen hours a day, but fasting comes in many forms in different time frames. Twelve hours is even considered fasting. Fasting also doesn’t have to be every day necessarily, it can be done some days on and some days off. You don’t have to go extreme routes to be successful at intermittent fasting. 

Rest and Repair      

It’s good to try to wait a little bit before you eat in the morning and to stop eating several hours before bed. This will help you maintain a longer fast overnight and provide you with all the benefits of a longer fast. Your body needs breaks from food for self-repair, and this is a wonderful way to help provide that.          

Overall Health        

The average person has been recorded to eat eight times a day, which leads to a constant secretion of insulin. This is very hard on the body and not good for your overall health. Simply doing a twelve to fourteen hour fast will help maintain good health and provide benefits to your internal organs. It won’t take long to get used to doing this kind of fast, and you’ll feel better when you do.

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