Melissa McAllister: Combating Holiday Weight Gain [EP 47]

Show Notes:

 In this episode, Melissa talks about how extra pounds can sometimes creep up during the holidays. She goes through a few different tips to help you stick to your fitness goals and curb temptation.

In this episode you’ll learn:

06:36 Clothes       
07:22 Removal    
09:30 Reminders
11:21 Support
13:25 Beverages  


Melissa starts out by mentioning that you should not “save” your calories for holiday foods. Many times, the foods we reach for are not ones that make us feel very full, which makes us indulge in more food than necessary. It’s not a good idea to go into a meal feeling extra hungry.


Wear clothes that fit normally to holiday events. Wearing things that are stretchy is only going to encourage you to overeat. Wearing something that you would usually wear might help keep you in check. 


Try removing yourself from moments that might tempt you towards foods that might not be in your health plan. You are in control and if removing yourself is the best option, then go ahead and do that.  


Sometimes having something in front of you to remind you of your goals is helpful in staying strong in your decisions. Setting reminders can help with overall mindset.     


Having support can be very helpful with accountability. It’s okay to ask others for support to help you stick to your goals. Having someone on your side can be very powerful.     


Keeping a healthy beverage in your hand can be a good distraction from snacking. Things like water, coffee, tea, or sparkling water keeps flavor in your mouth and keeps temptation at bay.    

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