Exploring Circadian Rhythms to Support Health and Wellness

Melissa McAllister: Exploring Circadian Rhythms to Support Health and Wellness [EP 73]

Show Notes:

On this week’s solo episode, Melissa talks about sleep patterns and how adjusting our circadian rhythm could be the key to preventing or even accelerating the cure for chronic disease. Melissa goes through the three major foundations of health which all affect sleep and overall body function.

Key Points From This Episode:       

08:14 Resetting Our Internal Clocks
12:15 Foundations of Health
18:46 Eating Patterns and Sleep
36:00 Physical Activity

Resetting Our Internal Clocks              

Different credible organizations believe that resetting the circadian clock is our next best hope in preventing or accelerating the cure for chronic illnesses and diseases. Many of us are currently on a social jetlag schedule, where you have a regular routine during the week, but throw off your sleep schedule over the weekend. We should be in a consistent pattern, but modern day activities are throwing us off.   

Foundations of Health                

There are three foundations of health, which include sleep, nutrition, and activity. It’s important for our bodies to go to bed early and wake up early. We should never feel drained or exhausted when we wake up. Sleep is incredibly important for the body to go through functions of repair and rejuvenation. 

Eating Patterns and Sleep         

Patterns of eating and the process of digestion matter to proper body function as well. Everyone should eat within an eight to ten hour period and give a proper window before going to sleep and waking up. Sleep suppresses hunger hormones, so if we lack proper sleep, we are going to feel hungry more often. 

Physical Activity          

Moving improves your sleep all around. Your optimal brain function is between ten am and three pm. It’s important to move as much as possible and especially important to move right away in the morning. Moving after eating is also really good for the body. 

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