Melissa McAllister: Intermittent Fasting: Your Questions Answered [EP 21]

Show Notes:

Melissa polled her Instagram audience asking about any questions they may have, and many of the questions were about intermittent fasting. In this episode, Melissa addresses some common questions about how to best utilize intermittent fasting in your lifestyle.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The Body and the Brain
11:52 Working Out
13:51 Maintaining Muscle
14:54 Metabolism
16:40 Kids and Fasting
18:33 Drinking Liquids
20:37 Skipping Breakfast
22:31 Supplements

The Body and the Brain

Melissa introduces the topic of intermittent fasting in regards to history, research and opposing opinions. She explains the range of timeframes that you can do in intermittent fasting and how to introduce this eating strategy. Ultimately, everyone is an individual. Melissa shares research about intermittent fasting at a cellular level and how it has multiple benefits on the brain and body.

Working Out

In our ancestry, people did a lot of hard labor before the first meal of the day. Our bodies store energy to use later, so unless you are super lean, you can absolutely workout in a fasted state.

Maintaining Muscle

Melissa answers a second question about using intermittent fasting for fat loss as opposed to losing muscle.


There are studies that show that short-term fasting will actually boost your metabolism. There are also a lot of benefits of longer fasts. It’s more for cleansing and healing rather than weight loss.

Kids and Fasting

Melissa believes that intermittent fasting is probably not the best for kids, mostly because of the rules it enforces. It is important to teach them about nutrition and eating high quality foods.

Drinking Liquids

Yes, you can have water, coffee and tea and non caloric drinks. You don’t want to add anything to them in order to stay in a fasted state.

Skipping Breakfast

Typically people that skip breakfast live unhealthy lifestyles, and studies often measure people that have a lot of other unhealthy factors at play. It’s okay to wait to eat your breakfast. It is preferred that you don’t eat first thing in the morning.


You can take supplements while fasting. Many supplements require fat to be present for absorption, but many also contain a slight bit of fat within the pill, so just be aware of this when deciding whether or not to take supplements while fasting. 

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