Melissa McAllister: Labeling Foods As Good and Bad   [EP 49]

Show Notes:

 In this episode, Melissa brings up the discussion of labeling certain foods as bad. She talks about why it’s important for people to understand what these foods do to the body and why labeling them bad could be helpful. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

03:26 Nutrition      
05:53 Awareness    


Melissa starts out by mentioning that she does label certain foods as bad if they are harmful to the body. Every time someone consumes harmful foods, it puts more stress on the body. She wants people to understand the dangers behind these certain foods.       


Certain foods need to be labeled as harmful or bad because they are stepping in the place of foods that provide good nutritional value. When consumed, people should be aware that it’s not good for them and shouldn’t fill in as a meal. 


It shouldn’t be said that people can never have non-nutritional, food-like items, but people should be educated on what it does to the body to be able to make conscious decisions about their health.    

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