Melissa McAllister: Parenting Tips That Might Come In Handy [EP 37]

Show Notes:

In this episode, by popular demand, Melissa gives her best parenting advice. She talks about the best advice given to her, and how she used this advice while raising her own kids. Melissa goes through not only lessons to teach, but also ways to show kids through actions how to be a good human.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

Number 1 Top Tip
04:05 Be Consistent as a Friend and Parent
07:12 Rewards, Failures, and Love 
13:46 Lead by Showing  
17:31 Spend Quality Time
22:14 Conclusion   

Number 1 Top Tip 

You can’t make your children love you, but you can make them respect you. Children need to have a level of respect for all people, especially their parents. Respect is a priority to teach starting at a young age. 

Be Consistent as a Friend and Parent   

Mean what you say. Don’t be full of empty promises. Also, don’t go back and forth on things or explain why if you do. Tip: Being a parent and a friend. Being a friend is good, but being a parent should always come first. Tip: Punishments need to stick. This goes back to respect and will better them in the future.

Rewards, Failures, and Love

Don’t Reward with food or things. Reward with experiences. Encourage them to fail. That’s where growth happens and where character is built. Know their love language. Every child is different when it comes to how they want to be shown love.  

Lead by Showing   

Show verses telling you kids how to treat others. They will learn best by example verses being told what to do. They eat what you eat. You are the parent and have the power to guide them. Skip televisions in bedrooms and cars. It’s good for kids to find other things to do.

Spend Quality Time  

Sit down and eat together, phone free, as often as you can. It’s important to slow down and not have distractions. Love them hard, especially when they are acting out. They will remember your kind demeanor out of everything in that situation.  


Being a parent is hard, sometimes it even feels thankless, but being a parent is rewarding. Your kids will remember all of the effort you put in and thank you for trying your best.

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