Melissa McAllister: Question the Conversation When it Comes to Your Health [EP 25]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa shares her thoughts on some common topics that she’s seen discussed on social media, in literature, or questions that she gets asked often. She invites listeners to question the things they’re hearing on social media and in the cultural conversation when it comes to their health.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Artificial Sweeteners
07:41 The Menstrual Cycle
13:31 Vegetables
21:31 Protein and Strength Training

Artificial Sweeteners

There is a lot of controversy around artificial sweeteners because there are a variety of conflicting studies around the effects. Melissa’s thought is artificial sweeteners are okay in moderation. She cautions listeners to think critically about information from different sources. For example, when social media influencers make a statement about whether something is healthy or unhealthy. 

The Menstrual Cycle

There is a lot of talk about eating differently for each 14 day phase of the menstrual cycle. People also often talk about working out differently according to your period. Melissa’s thought is that if your period doesn’t bother you too much, you shouldn’t worry about working out and eating accordingly. If your period is causing you a lot of pain, you may want to look into the root cause.


We should never focus on picking apart vegetables when it comes to health. It’s more about focusing on removing the processed foods and including more whole foods in your diet. Melissa talks about being mindful of our food transportation and ripening processes when selecting where you get your produce. 

Protein and Strength Training

There is a huge emphasis on protein and strength training within the health and wellness space. Both have always been important, but as a society, it seems that we are focusing in on that right now because there are other issues beneath the surface. It’s good for you, but it’s not a miracle cure. You need a huge variety of exercise, we also need that balance in our diet.

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