Melissa McAllister: Revisiting Intermittent Fasting [EP 79]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa circles back on the topic of intermittent fasting to review the benefits to overall health and wellness. She also covers some recent studies for educational purposes and to provide backup for anyone wondering if intermittent fasting is right for them.

Key Points From This Episode:       

04:20 Human Based Studies
07:28 Your Fasting Schedule
12:33 Macros and Digestion

Human Based Studies                 

The first study from the journal “Obesity” followed participants who tried a 16-8 intermittent fasting schedule. After 12 weeks they found that participants last an average of 7.3 lbs of body weight and improved insulin resistance by 31%. Another study by the journal “Nutrition and Metabolism” found that intermittent fasting was effective for improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels in people at risk for prediabetes, on top of other improvements. A third study in 2017 by “Cell Metabolism” found that intermittent fasting could help protect against age related decline and cognitive function.           

Your Fasting Schedule                  

People tend to overdo and overcomplicate things, so the thing is not to do that with intermittent fasting. Start with small fasts and work your way to longer ones. Really long fasts can be extremely good for you, but it’s important to consider your health and to speak to a healthcare professional. Breaks in your eating schedule are important to your health and should be considered based on personal needs.    

Macros and Digestion          

When it comes to carbohydrates, you don’t have to say no completely, but you should have plenty of caloric room to include good fats and proteins in your meals. Overall your macros are up to you, but you should be including those options that fuel your body. Your body works hard during digestion to take in nutrients, so that’s why it’s important to give your body a chance to rest and repair through intermittent fasting. 

References from this episode:

National Library of Medicine: Intermittent Fasting 

National Library of Medicine:  Glycosidases

Cell Press: Cell Metabolism

*Note: This podcast covers the oversimplification of how beneficial fasting is for almost all of us. These studies talk about specific kinds of fasting but, generally speaking, we benefit from incorporating some form into our lifestyle.

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