Melissa McAllister: Six Tips For Self-Control [EP 35]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa talks about tips for self-control. She speaks on the challenges people face and ways to make it a little easier to stick to goals.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Be Prepared
05:13 Schedule Everything
07:10 Change Your Routine  
13:48 Pavlovian Reflex  
14:26 Get Support
17:43 Small Goals

Be Prepared 

Number one on Melissa’s list is being prepared. Preparation allows a pattern to be created and will help people know ahead of time what is going to happen that day. Setting things up in advance will create accountability.   

Schedule Everything

Having a schedule keeps people on track. If something is already in place, the more likely it is to do it. It helps with the mental focus to complete tasks.

Change Your Routine

If people are looking to weed out bad habits, changing routine to help rewire the brain to not be tempted to fall into old patterns. Changing old routines will help establish new routines.

Pavlovian Reflex

In the process of changing a routine or habit, the body is naturally going to resist, especially in the case of switching from something that is bad to something that is good. 

Get Support

Having support will assist in making positive changes. People are more likely to break a promise to themselves than someone else, so having that accountability will help in completing goals successfully.

Small Goals

It is important to celebrate every completed step taken to reach an overall goal. Small victories make a huge difference. The hardest part of change is in the first few days, so any step in the right direction is a good step.

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