Melissa McAllister: The Illusion Of Diet Foods [EP 61]

Show Notes:

In this solo episode, Melissa discusses whole food based diets versus “diet friendly” foods. She talks about misleading information on food labels and why it’s essential to pay attention to the differences when it comes to foods that we consume for better health.

Key Points From This Episode:

02:06 Processing
06:30 Protein
11:50 Activation
18:00 Considerations


The word processed means any treatment of fresh food to make a food product. Just because something is processed doesn’t mean it’s bad. There’s a difference between processed and ultra processed to the point where it’s hardly food. There’s a point where processing goes too far.  


Protein from whole foods is usually cheaper, more filling, less risky, and naturally includes nutritional benefits. High protein processed foods have the protein stripped out and added back in along with a laundry list of other ingredients. The protein in these items is also already broken down. Your body should be going through the natural process of breaking down foods and reaping all the benefits from other vitamins and minerals.     


Vitamins and minerals need cofactors to help activate one another. When you eat highly processed foods, you’re not getting all of the supportive items for your body. Same with juicing, which raises your glycemic index and blood sugar levels. Actually chewing food activates your system and gets your body ready to digest. Making your body work a little is beneficial to your health.   


Be conscious of cutting down your sugar and watch the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming. Consider increasing your fiber and protein intake. Make sure you are eating healthy fats. All of these things will help you stay healthy over the long haul.   

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