Melissa McAllister: The Inner Workings Of Feeling Hungry [EP 66]

Show Notes:

In this solo episode, Melissa goes deep into the inner working of the body and what that hungry feeling means. She talks all about the gut, digestion, and the role hormones play in the process of consuming foods for fuel.

Key Points From This Episode:

05:28 Food Fuel
10:12 Communication
19:13 Tips and Cues

Food Fuel           

Your body needs fuel and you’re going to get that fuel from the foods you eat. Your body has hormones that monitor your appetite, and it is well equipped to tell you when it needs energy. Digestion and the feeling of fullness starts the moment you start chewing, so you need to make sure to eat purposefully and listen to your gut for good digestion.   


The brain tells your stomach to do things and your stomach tells your brain to do things. Your gut gives off signals that you should listen to. Hormones are going to respond to the food coming into your body and how it moves through your digestive system. You want to give your body breaks between food so you are not constantly spiking your insulin and leptin levels.       

Tips and Cues      

Your body is very habit based, it’s up to you to figure out if your hunger is legitimate or going off of habits. Read cues to understand what’s going on and why you feel the way you do. Eat protein, healthy fats, and fiber as well as drink water and exercise regularly to suppress hunger.         

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