Melissa McAllister: The Myth about Skipping Breakfast [EP 9]

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Description: In this episode, Melissa discusses the ways in which skipping breakfast can be beneficial. She also uncovers the reasons why some people are against skipping breakfast and shares why she thinks intermittent fasting is a great way to create a healthy lifestyle.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Melissa’s Take on Breakfast
04:00 The Most Important Meal of The Day?
09:55 How Are You Eating Throughout The Day?
15:00 Your Body Uses What You Give It
23:40 What Breaks Your Fast?

Melissa’s Take on Breakfast

Melissa started off by explaining that she understands that some people are just breakfast people. No matter what, some people will always prefer to eat when they wake up. However, Melissa Cher has her own life experiences and says that growing up she never really enjoyed breakfast. Throughout her life, she was never a breakfast person and preferred to eat a few hours after she woke up. She realized that this lifestyle was in alignment with intermittent fasting and soon began to understand it more. 

The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Melissa and Renee discuss SPMs in the body, also known as specialized proresolving mediators. Renee compares So many people have been convinced that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that does not always hold true. Melissa makes the point that a lot of breakfast commercials and advertisements are funded strictly for the reason of making money. Breakfast companies, even those who produce “healthy”  breakfast foods are usually  not looking out for your health. Articles and studies that suggest eating breakfast is healthy for you are often funded by these companies who are just trying to influence you to buy their product. Make the decision for yourself based on how your body feels when you wake up to decide if you want to eat breakfast or if you would prefer to be an intermittent faster.

How Are You Eating Throughout The Day?

Renee and Melissa discuss how Vitamin C is typically viewed in society. The correlation between vitamin C and citrus fruits and juices like orange juice is common in most people’s Outlook when it comes to vitamin C. However, Thinking about intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast might be confusing at first. You might wonder how you can maintain a healthy diet if you are going hours without giving your body fuel. Melissa emphasizes the importance of drinking a lot of water throughout the day and keeping your overall diet healthy during your eating hours. By giving your body foods that contain nutrients that will be turned into fuel to use throughout the day oh, you are providing yourself with the perfect landscape to create a healthy lifestyle. Focus on giving your body healthy foods throughout the day and 3 solid meals.

Your Body Uses What You Give It

 In the last section of her podcast, Melissa talks about how she breaks her fast. Such a common question among people who Skip breakfast and participate in intermittent fasting, figuring out what to break your fast with is so important. Melissa explains that depending on your idea of intermittent fasting, breaking your fast can mean a few different things. In the morning, she drinks a cup of black coffee and then some pre-workout before she goes about her workout. She does not consider this breaking her fast, but other professionals may. This is just what works for her, so decide what works for you. Along with her coffee and pre-workout, she drinks a lot of water to wake her body up. Water is the number one thing that helps your body maintain its health and comfort throughout the day, so don’t forget it. Once you are ready to eat food after your workout, if this is what you choose to do, choose something healthy like an omelet. give yourself protein and energy to start your day and your body and mind will do thank you

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