Melissa McAllister: Understanding Protein Intake Post-Workout [EP 31]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa re-visits protein, specifically post-workout. She shares information on how soon after a workout protein should be taken in and how much protein is a good level to help build muscle.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Protein and Building Muscle
05:53 Muscle Building Effect of Exercise
07:23 Optimal Protein Intake  
13:05  Intermittent Fasting
15:53 Doing What Is Best For You

Protein and Building Muscle

Protein is an amino acid that is important in building and repairing muscle. During exercise, microscopic tears occur in the muscle fibers. Amino acids create muscle cells called myofibrils that attach to the damaged muscle to heal and build strength. 

Muscle Building Effect of Exercise

How soon does Protein need to be in the system in order to repair and grow muscle? It has been documented that the muscle building effect of exercise generally lasts up to twenty-four hours post-workout. This leaves an open window of opportunity anywhere within that time frame based on personal preference. 

Optimal Protein Intake

Scientists have documented that optimal protein intake should be in the range of ten and fifteen percent for the general population. As far as fitness competitors and athletes, they state that protein intake should be one pound per gram, or about thirty-five percent. 

Intermittent Fasting

It is important to note what personal goals are in place for each individual and to meet those goals within a twenty-four hour period. Fasted workouts are fine to do as long as the individual pays attention to getting what they need nutritionally within that window of time. 

Do What Is Best For You

Each person is different when it comes to fitness, and no one should make another person feel that what they are doing is not right. It is important to understand your body and come up with a plan that is personalized to you. 

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