Options for Navigating Your Health Journey with Dr. Lauren Fitzgerald [EP 99]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa speaks with second time guest Dr. Lauren Fitzgerald to chat about semaglutide, which is used in functional medicine for weight loss and overall health. They discuss the drug’s benefits and share results from people who have experienced life-changing effects, including semaglutide’s potential in treating diseases. Dr. Fitzgerald criticizes the spread of misinformation and concludes with a discussion on the importance of verifying information credibility.

Key Points From This Episode:

01:13 Functional Medicine 

Melissa introduces Dr. Lauren Fitzgerald including her background and expertise in functional medicine, emphasizing her dedication to helping patients achieve optimal health. The two open up the discussion on the benefits and potential drawbacks of using semaglutide, including how this medication works in the body, specifically targeting the receptors that regulate appetite and glucose metabolism. Pharmacies have been able to compound generic drugs like semaglutide, making them more accessible to patients. 

09:48 Considerations 

Dr. Fitzgerald highlights the importance of starting with the lowest dose possible, as higher dosing can lead to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and muscle wasting. She emphasizes the need for proper guidance and monitoring during treatment to ensure the best outcomes for patients. She emphasizes the wide range of benefits that can be achieved with this medication, including the potential impact this medication could have in reducing the risk of these types of cancers.

20:57 Support 

Dr. Fitzgerald and Melissa discuss the importance of maintaining access to this medication for patients to support their health efforts. Dr. Fitzgerald explains that being overweight is a gradual process and that it becomes harder and harder to lose weight as the body chemistry changes. She emphasizes that just eating less and exercising more is not always effective and that additional interventions may be necessary for successful weight loss.

35:28 Muscle and Protein 

Dr. Fitzgerald discusses the misconceptions surrounding calorie counting and how it can be a valuable tool in achieving weight loss goals. She also emphasizes the need to consume protein and engage in weightlifting to preserve muscle mass during weight loss. She explains the role of protein in satiety and muscle repair, highlighting its importance in maintaining a healthy body composition.

46:09 Awareness 

Dr. Fitzgerald’s plan to incorporate more peptides into her medical practice based on the positive results and belief in their efficacy. She shares her excitement about the potential of peptides in improving patient outcomes and overall health. Melissa and Dr. Fitzgerald explore the impact of social media in spreading awareness and information about this medication, as well as the importance of responsible and accurate messaging.

49:38 Healthy Lifestyle 

Highlighting the unhealthy practices in the fitness competition world, Dr. Fitzgerald emphasizes the importance of promoting sustainable and healthy approaches to weight loss, rather than resorting to extreme measures. She discusses the role of nutrition, exercise, and mindset in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach.

01:00:48 Taking Action 

Melissa discusses the importance of asking for credentials and sources when receiving information. She emphasizes the need for critical thinking and discernment in navigating the vast amount of health information available online. Dr. Fitzgerald expresses her commitment to providing evidence-based information and emphasizes the potential of this medication in transforming lives and improving overall well-being. She encourages listeners to stop making excuses and take action to live a fulfilling and abundant life. 

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