Empowering Patients on a Path to Wellness Through Functional Medicine with Dr. Efrat Lamandre

Empowering Patients on a Path to Wellness Through Functional Medicine with Dr. Efrat Lamandre [EP 80]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa hosts Dr. Efrat Lamandre, practitioner who moved from conventional medicine into functional medicine to explore the root causes of pain and discomfort, helping people to dig deeper in finding relief by looking at the internal system connections within the body. Melissa and Dr. E discuss the complexity of the microbiome and how functional medicine goes beyond traditional solutions in providing answers to why someone is feeling the way they do.

Key Points From This Episode:       

02:46 Exploring Functional Medicine
11:00 The Aging Process
15:42 Fasting: Rest and Recovery
28:00 Looking at the Microbiome
42:42 Success in Entrepreneurship

Exploring Functional Medicine                  

Dr. E started out as a nurse practitioner in conventional medicine. She had patients that would come in not feeling well, she would test them, everything would be normal, and she’d send them on their way. It wasn’t until her spouse started experiencing some severe symptoms that they decided to explore the world outside of conventional medicine and look at functional medicine options. This is where her life changed, and she knew that digging deeper into systems within the body was the way to go.            

The Aging Process                    

When it comes to aging, there are natural things that are going to happen, but there are other things that happen that are based on how we’ve been living and it’s catching up to us. With the right diet and lifestyle changes these things could possibly be prevented. We’ve been led to believe that some of the things that happen to us are strictly part of aging, when in fact it’s our actions.  

Fasting: Rest and Recovery            

There’s no question that fasting is part of the picture when it comes to wellness. It acts as the time that our bodies can rest and repair themselves. How long can be debated, but it’s important to give the body the time it needs to reset. Insulin resistance happens when we overload our cells, so it’s important to space out eating times and fuel our bodies with the right foods. 

Looking at the Microbiome  

Autoimmunity and thyroid problems are on the rise. Diet plays a large role in this and affects the gut. Autoimmune disorders are not truly curable, but they can be calmed enough for the person to start feeling better. When it comes to chronic pain and issues, conventional doctors may simply throw medicine at it and be done with the topic. Looking at the microbiome as a whole and looking at functional medicine options can be of great help. 

Success in Entrepreneurship  

Dr. E owns four businesses and gives her take on what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. Some people are made for it and some people are not. Those who are shouldn’t look at an end goal. It should be about the actions taken every day to be better than the day before. It takes planning, action, and consistency. 

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