Nutrient Balance In The Gut with Melissa McAllister

Protecting Nutrient Balance In The Gut with Melissa McAllister [EP 88]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa looks into some major factors that can deplete the gut and cause nutrient deficiencies. There are a handful of internal and external disturbances that can cause issues that everyone should be aware of, as well as measures to take to help the body function at peak performance.  

Key Points From This Episode:       

05:14 Processed Foods, Alcohol, and Caffeine
08:24 Smoking, Medications, and Stress
09:44 External Factors and Proactive Measures

Processed Foods, Alcohol, and Caffeine                    

Your diet needs to be nutrient dense, and processed foods should be limited since they lack the kind of nutrients your body needs. Look at the ingredients, think about how long your body will take to digest everything listed. Alcohol also depletes the body of necessary nutrients, so keep that to a minimum as much as possible. Excess caffeine can also cause adverse effects, so watch your intake.            

Smoking, Medications, and Stress                   

Smoking is harmful to your health in many ways, but it also depletes the necessary nutrients in your body. Be careful about medications, since some can interfere with your body’s absorption of nutrients. Make sure you are supplementing for anything lost while on certain medications. Chronic stress can cause more interference than we realize, it’s important to find ways to decrease stress so your body can function at peak performance. 

External Factors and Proactive Measures            

External factors including heavy metals, toxins, and air quality can interfere with the body’s ability to process nutrients, so be careful about your environment and what you’re exposed to. Consider alternatives to things that are causing your body to struggle with nutrient intake. Find ways to supplement when you need to. Consider smart lifestyle changes that can boot the health of your gut.  

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