Risa Groux: Nutrition Based Around Auto-Immune Disorders [EP 40]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Risa Groux, a functional nutritionist and certified auto-immune coach. Risa is a published author and expert on foods to eat based on different health statuses. Melissa and Risa break down whole foods, vitamins, and support for the whole body.     

In this episode you’ll learn:

Whole Foods  
09:40 Food Frame      
15:42 Liver Detox      
24:14 Vitamins
29:44 The Book
40:47 Check In     

Whole Foods 

Melissa and Risa start out by having a conversation about some issues with current food options and ways to start incorporating whole foods into your diet. Finding foods that fuel and feed your body in nutritious ways will lead to a better run system for the body.

Food Frame

Food Frame is a nutrition plan Risa created that involves eating based on your health status. Things like auto-immune disorders and other health problems require a plan that is going to concentrate on reducing inflammation and better gut health. Risa works by using a method of both detoxing the body and implementing an anti-inflammatory diet.

Liver Detox

Risa talks about all of the chemicals people come in contact with every day. She talks about the liver and not requiring it to work all on its own without ever cleaning it out. Detoxing your liver is good for proper function. Assisting your liver is assisting your body.


When it comes to helping people with auto-immune disorders, Risa has a list of vitamins and supplements that target different parts of the body to help areas that need the extra support. She speaks on the importance of different vitamins and how essential they are, especially for people that struggle with auto-immune issues.  

The Book 

Melissa asks Risa about her book and what kind of guidelines it follows. Risa breaks down the six major diet types discussed in the book and how someone can decide which one is right for them. People have different bodies and health situations, so not every diet is going to work for everyone. 

Check In

If you are experiencing issues, adjust your diet. If that doesn’t work, it is important to ask your doctor for a full lab panel to understand what is happening in your body. There are different tests to consider for different issues. 

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