Sal Di Stefano: Tips On Transformation From An Industry Expert [EP 62]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Sal Di Stefano, a personal trainer, co-founder of Mind Body Media, creator of the MAPS system, and co–host of the Mind Pump Podcast. Sal gives expert advice on the best approaches when it comes to health and wellness. Sal and I discuss mindsets and relationships around fitness as well as the most effective strategies when it comes to transformations.  

Key Points From This Episode:

02:35 Transformation
05:30 Fitness Mindset
14:46 Effectiveness
21:45 Strength Training
39:54 Fat Loss


Sal kicks off the conversation by speaking about his company and their thoughts around fitness being as much of a mental transformation as a physical one. The relationship someone has with fitness is going to impact that transformation. He talks about having fun, getting excited, and having a community as a way to grow that relationship. 

Fitness Mindset           

There’s a lot of misinformation in the fitness space, Sal and his team do their best to hold integrity to a high standard and provide people with the correct information. For most people, fitness is a tool to improve their quality of life, and a relationship needs to be built around it. It doesn’t mean you have to love it, you can simply love what it does for you. Fitness has an array of benefits, both physical and mental, that Sal does his best to share.


The most effective workouts for long term health have to be ones that you like and will actually do regularly. Improvement simply comes from doing more than you do now. As you build a relationship with the routines that you’re currently doing, you’ll slowly start to increase your levels and push yourself more. This tends to happen most with those who do strength training because of the large scale of benefits.    

Strength Training     

Building muscle is a process, and you won’t get “bulky” like most people think. Genetics play a part in muscle development and most people stay within a regular range of how sculpted they will get. Strength training speeds up metabolism, so it’s a great option for cutting fat. If you’re adding anything (like strength training) to your routine, you should approach it as learning a skill versus a fitness mindset.   

Fat Loss      

Gut health is very important to overall health and fat loss, it’s not just about trying to “look good”. Having a roaring metabolism makes weight loss much more sustainable. Hormones also play a large part in the storage of fat in the body. It’s best to cut out highly processed foods and to add more protein.    

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