Teneshia Warner: Reframing Your Life For Positive Change [EP 36]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Teneshia Warner, founder and CEO of the multicultural marketing and communications firm, Egami. Melissa and Teneshia talk about overcoming hardships and steps to take to evolve your life. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

22:00 Communication
26:34 Nutrition  
33:29 Support  
36:24 Mental Strength
39:22 The Dream Project


Teneshia starts out by talking about a series of events that led to some dramatic transformations in her personal and professional life. She started to really see the importance of making and maintaining a schedule, focusing on her mental health, physical health, and making a permanent change to her fitness journey.  


Teneshia shares thoughts on being a leader. Within a business, this means not only focusing on the workings of the business, but also what is happening with everyone involved in the business. Candid honesty is one of the ground rules within her company for the greater good of the company. Listening is key. She believes that this should stretch outside of the professional world and into personal lives as well.


Speaking on nutrition, Teneshia talks about how you should take time to know yourself and what works best for you. Everyone has a different way of approaching health and wellness. No matter the approach, it is best to always continue a journey of knowledge as well as physical change. 


Your journey doesn’t have to happen alone. Teneshia shares that she would get extra support from nutritionists and people around her at her most difficult times. Sometimes she would even have to explain the reasons behind her transformations so that the people she loved would see the positivity of it and be able to support her in the best way possible. 

Mental Strength 

When you feel strong from the inside out, mentally you have more clarity to make decisions and solve problems in a much healthier way. Teneshia feels that this helps you filter things to not carry so much weight of the stresses in life and make good connections with the people around you.

The Dream Project 

Teneshia’s company, Egami, had a side project called the Dream Project. The goal with this was to work with entrepreneurs to get clarity on what their dream was and provide them with the tools needed to succeed. After years of hosting this project, Teneshia put together all of the information she had learned from doing this and put it in book form for people to utilize whenever they need it.

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